Friday night fever

Since there is Valentine’s Day and stuff on Sunday, this weekend is about to explode in great parties and awesome nights out. Unfortunately for me, I have to stay home and kind of guard the apartment or something like that, while all my friends is out and make memories. With 40 degrees fever, bad infection in my throat and swollen lymph nudes, the doctor restricted me from doing anything else than sleep and rest for the whole weekend… fun, huh? Got a bag full of medicines to, including antibiotics which ain’t the best substance to mix up with alcohol and drinks.

However, what could me more appropriate than turn this party-weekend around to a full time study-weekend!? So much more fun! But in fact, we do have our final free pour exam on Monday so I better start preparing myself to create the best possible chances for me to pass. The instructor will be pretty strict on the free pour as well: if we are going to pour 20ml and 40ml at the chase pour for example, we only have a margin of error at 2ml up and down. So when Monday comes, as well as the exam, it is all about focus, relaxation and to have the nervs under control. Easily said than done, I bet.

Shake N’ the golden star of the year goes to me for being the only one studying instead of partying StrainIMG_1663


Bartender School

I am looking at the guy who is supposed to be our instructor this month. Everything he does seems to be so easy… almost like a natural and floating movement. Like if making drinks and flair with not only one, but two bottles, in the sun at the beach here in the Caribbean is as natural for him as breathing is for me. I try to watch his every move and then do it myself. It doesn’t work. I love to be behind the bar and I can confidently say that the working flair is actually going really good. But then he introduces the exhibition flair, and I felt like I immediately fell back to stage one again.

I guess it is just to grab the bottle and practice more. Try better. Work harder. ‘Cause even though I am such a beginner that I never even had tasted a single drop of alcohol before I came here for eleven days ago, I know that I will be just as good as him one day. Not tomorrow, and not even when this course is over, but after a few years with more work experience and the right will, I know it’s gonna look just as easy and simple when I am making the drinks and flairing with the bottles as it does when he is doing it right now.

Shake N’ hard work, spirit, and soul StrainIMG_1652

This is me

I am what many people are not – stupid enough to turn down an offer for a full time job that after less than six months gave me 100k in pure savings, in a wealthy city where I have all my friends and family, just to get out into the big world and search for something I do not even know what it is that I am looking for. But I am also doing what most people don’t: follow my dreams and at the same time risks my everything just to see what the future in my visions perhaps can be like. Crazy, huh?

There is no way we all were born just to go to a school we do not even want to be in for approximately 20 years, work our asses of with a job we do not like for another 40 years, pay bills during our whole lifetime just to be able to live, and then die. No way!

I quitted school after 12 years, and only three months before the official high school graduation. Then I worked every waken hour for the upcoming six months, just to save enough money to drop it all down and start a new life on one of the Caribbean Islands. Here is at least where I shall start write the first chapter on the rest of my life, but who knows where I finally will end up? That is the beauty in all this – the fact that I do not know anything. The only plans I have is my bucket list on what I want to do in my life, what I want to work with and eventually make an amazing career in. But that’s it. I will go wherever life takes me, without boundaries and limitations.

However, I am going to fail more times than I ever can imagine, but I will hopefully also succeed in more ways than I possible thought at the beginning of this story. This is my life. Just me, myself, and I.

I will do what everybody doesn’t, and eventually I will also be what everybody aren’t.

The ocean is always going have a very special place in my heart, and with that also scuba diving as well as surfing. Although I also absolutely love high speed in nice sport cars, flair with bottles behind the bar at awesome parties, and dreams about trying wing suit flying someday.

Shake N’ predictable things are boring things Strainlittle-traverse-sunset-cropped


Welcome to Shake N’ Strain, and how great that you have found your way into this blog!  Within a couple of hours there will come a post with the title ”This is me” that, as you probably already have understood, will give you a much better presentation not only of this blog, but also about the whole story around it, and so on. Pretty much as with all new blogs, even though that will be the only similarity.

Hope you will enjoy it, and if you are way to curious for your own best, you can always check out the page ”About” which will give you a hint of what is coming.

Shake N’ always want to know everything before everyone else StrainDSC_9089