Bartender School

I am looking at the guy who is supposed to be our instructor this month. Everything he does seems to be so easy… almost like a natural and floating movement. Like if making drinks and flair with not only one, but two bottles, in the sun at the beach here in the Caribbean is as natural for him as breathing is for me. I try to watch his every move and then do it myself. It doesn’t work. I love to be behind the bar and I can confidently say that the working flair is actually going really good. But then he introduces the exhibition flair, and I felt like I immediately fell back to stage one again.

I guess it is just to grab the bottle and practice more. Try better. Work harder. ‘Cause even though I am such a beginner that I never even had tasted a single drop of alcohol before I came here for eleven days ago, I know that I will be just as good as him one day. Not tomorrow, and not even when this course is over, but after a few years with more work experience and the right will, I know it’s gonna look just as easy and simple when I am making the drinks and flairing with the bottles as it does when he is doing it right now.

Shake N’ hard work, spirit, and soul StrainIMG_1652



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