Friday night fever

Since there is Valentine’s Day and stuff on Sunday, this weekend is about to explode in great parties and awesome nights out. Unfortunately for me, I have to stay home and kind of guard the apartment or something like that, while all my friends is out and make memories. With 40 degrees fever, bad infection in my throat and swollen lymph nudes, the doctor restricted me from doing anything else than sleep and rest for the whole weekend… fun, huh? Got a bag full of medicines to, including antibiotics which ain’t the best substance to mix up with alcohol and drinks.

However, what could me more appropriate than turn this party-weekend around to a full time study-weekend!? So much more fun! But in fact, we do have our final free pour exam on Monday so I better start preparing myself to create the best possible chances for me to pass. The instructor will be pretty strict on the free pour as well: if we are going to pour 20ml and 40ml at the chase pour for example, we only have a margin of error at 2ml up and down. So when Monday comes, as well as the exam, it is all about focus, relaxation and to have the nervs under control. Easily said than done, I bet.

Shake N’ the golden star of the year goes to me for being the only one studying instead of partying StrainIMG_1663



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