What do you do if you have a dream but are coming from the complete wrong backgrund, have absolutely no earlier experience at all, and neither have the social network that should be consider necessary? Are you still going all in for the vision no one can see but you, or are you backing off and await the next train to come?

Well, I do not know about you, but I am going all in for it.

To leave everything that has ever been familiar to me behind, for a lifestyle and adventures I barely could have dreamed of, was without hesitation the best decision I possible could have made. When I quitted highschool, three months before graduation, I promised myself to never be one of those who are limited by other peoples expectations for what is ”normal” and ”possible”. I promised myself that I will never compromise about my freedom again, and that I will always do and go wherever I feel is right for me.

Deep down, I am what people around me calls for being ”a searcher” – someone who is constantly looking for adventures and adrenalinrushes with reasons I do not even know myself. Most of the time I have no idea why I am doing the stuff that I do, but in somehow it feels important and necessary for the moment.

I need to get myself out into the unknown; I need the feeling of adrenalin; but most of all, I need to find whatever I am looking for.

With a head full of thoughts, and a life completely dedicated to the search for freedom, I hope to one day be able to get rid of the constantly running feeling that has followed me for the past several years. But before that might happens – if it ever happens – I will continue to travel the world around, scuba dive with great sharks, surf at the oceans big waves, develop my drifting skills, and be the best bartender I ever can be.

Shake N’ it’s more fun to live on the edge than in the middle of the road Strain




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